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Lift small get big?

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 2:35 AM

You've heard all the gym rats telling you their meat-headed methods of how to achieve monster mass. "Lift big, get big!" Well what if i told you lifting heavy doesn't directly correlate to growing big. Look at all the olympic power lifters…those guys could bench press what Arnold could squat. But who's bigger and has better muscle development ? Yep, the guy lifting in the moderate to high rep ranges. I've got nothing against letting out some demons and banging out a 2 rep max on the old school bench press, but if you are looking to build a Frank Zane like physic you wouldn't be wrong to hang around the kiddie weights for a while. "Maxing out" is great way to recruit new muscle fibers and create new levels of strength BUT the time under tension while in a low rep range is too minimal to create hypertrophy (which, as a bodybuilder, is what we want).

In conclusion, low rep ranges could be used to increase strength but your staple to your routine should be moderate to high reps. (assuming we are not powerlifters).


much love: Darren Nuzzo

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