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Delts (NO overhead pressing) / Biceps / Triceps / Calves

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Decline Skull Crushers (Bent Bar) 8 sets each one getting gradually heavier. Reps should start around 15 and end near 5.

Triangle Grip Press Down (cable) 12 (4x)


DB Hammer Curl 10 (5x)

BB Curl 10 (5x)

Reverse Grip Bent Bar Curl 15 (5x)


Cable Lateral Raise 15 (4x)

Rear Delt Fly 15 (4x)

Front Raise / Upright Row 10 (4x)

DB Lateral Raise 8 (3x)


Weighted Standing Calf Raise 10 (8x) / 20 (5x)

Seated Calf (hold at top and bottom for 3 seconds) Reps till failure (4x)


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